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Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction/Pooled Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Was Not Associated with Increased Antibiotic Resistance in Management of Complicated Urinary Tract Infections

Infection and Drug Resistance. Volume 16. Published 9 May, 2023.
Authors: Howard J Korman, Mohit Mathur, Natalie Luke, Dakun Wang, Xihua Zhao, Michael Levin, David L Wenzler, David Baunoch.

A Diagnostic Test Combining Molecular Testing with Phenotypic Pooled Antibiotic Susceptibility Improved the Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Non-E. coli or Polymicrobial Complicated Urinary Tract Infections

Research and Reports in Urology. Published 1 May, 2023.
Authors: Howard J Korman, David Baunoch, Natalie Luke, Dakun Wang, Xihua Zhao, Michael Levin, David L Wenzler, Mohit Mathur.

The Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections Using a Novel At-home Testing Protocol to Enhance Telemedicine: A Retrospective Analysis

Ambulatory, Office-based, and Geriatric Urology. Volume 173. Published 9 January, 2023.
Authors: Andrew Korman, Siddharth Ramanathan, Nathan Shen, Zachary A. Gerndt, Natalie Luke, Dakun Wang, Hannah Zhao, Shuguang Huang, Rajan Dewar, Kirk Wojno, Larry Sirls, Savitha Balaraman, and Howard Korman.

Concordance Between Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Susceptibility in Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infections.

Infection and Drug Resistance. Published 19 August, 2021.
Authors: David BaunochNatalie LukeDakun WangAnnah VollstedtXinhua ZhaoDicken S C KoShuguang HuangPatrick Cacdac, and Larry T Sirls.

After 180 Years, Is it Time for Something Better for Diagnosing UTIs?

JOJ Urology & Nephrology. Volume 7, Issue 3. Published 2 September, 2020.
Authors: Natalie Luke and David Baunoch.

Multisite Prospective Comparison of Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing with Urine Culture for Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections in Symptomatic Patients

Journal of Surgical Urology, Volume 1, Issue 1, Published 13 July, 2020
Authors: Annah Vollstedt, David Baunoch, Kirk J. Wojno, Natalie Luke, Kevin Cline, Laurence Belkoff, Aaron Milbank, Neil Sherman, Rashel Haverkorn, Natalie Gaines, Neal Shore, Howard Korman, Xinhua Zhao, Shuguang Huang, Mohammad Jafri, Patrick Keating, Bridget Makhlouf, Dylan Hazelton, Stephany Hindo, David Wenzler, Mansour Sabry, Meghan Campbell, Dakun Wang, Larry Sirls.

Bacterial Interactions as Detected by Pooled Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (P-AST) in Polymicrobial Urine Specimens

Journal of Surgical Urology. Volume 1, Issue 1. Published 29 May, 2020.
Authors: Annah VollstedtDavid BaunochAlan WolfeNatalie LukeKirk J WojnoKevin ClineLaurence BelkoffAaron MilbankNeil ShermanRashel HaverkornNatalie GainesLaurence YoreNeal ShoreMichael OpelHoward KormanColleen KellyMohammad JafriMeghan CampbellPatrick KeatingDylan HazeltonBridget MakhloufDavid WenzlerMansour SabryFrank BurksMiguel PenarandaDavid E SmithPatrick CacdacLarry Sirls.

Utilization of M-PCR and P-AST for Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Home-Based Primary Care

JOJ Urology & Nephrology. Volume 7, Issue 2. Published 27 March, 2020.
Authors: Annemarie Daly, David Baunoch, Kelly Rehling, Natalie Luke, Meghan Campbell, Patrick Cacdac, Miguel Penaranda, Michael Opel, Shuguang Huang, Xinhua Zhao and Kirk Wojno.

Multiplex PCR Based Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Analysis Compared to Traditional Urine Culture in Identifying Significant Pathogens in Symptomatic Patients

Urology, 9 November, 2019
Authors: Kirk J Wojno
David BaunochNatalie LukeMichael OpelHoward KormanColleen KellyS Mohammad A JafriPatrick KeatingDylan HazeltonStephany HinduBridget MakhlooufDavid WenzlerMansour SabryFrank BurksMiguel PenarandaDavid E SmithAndrew KormanLarry Sirls. 

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