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GYN Cytology HR

The Gyn Cytology High Risk (HR) test is a powerful tool for stratifying borderline Pap test results, allowing physicians to identify the 10% of patients with borderline abnormal cells. This test can help physicians determine who will progress to cervical cancer and who will not.


All women who are undergoing a routine Pap screen will benefit from the Gyn Cytology HR test. Those that can benefit the most include women who receive a test result that is borderline.


Pap test

  • Collect specimen in ThinPrep PreservCyt vial (for cytology, FISH, and molecular).
  • Transport at room temperature in Pap transport kit.

Acceptable and preferred Pap samples should be collected from the cervix. It is best to send the sample to the lab the same day it is collected. We supply ThinPrep PreservCyt vials, which stabilize samples for up to 6 weeks at room temperature. Therefore, it is important to ensure the sample arrives within 6 weeks of being collected.

Clinical Utility

The Gyn Cytology HR test employs several markers to assess the health of the cervical cells and provide predictive information.

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