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Our Flagship Platform:
Guidance® infectious disease solutions Provide more informed treatment decisions

For the rapid identification and precise treatment
of complicated, recurrent and persistent UTIs.

More informed treatment decisions in less than one day

We are a leading precision diagnostic testing and development company providing solutions for infectious disease and cancer diagnostics that will get patients on the right path.

Our tests

We pioneer approaches for better patient care through transformative solutions that empower our health care providers to solve diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. Pathnostics is your partner in moving care forward, providing a comprehensive test menu to meet your diagnostic testing needs.

Testing services that meet the most common needs of urologists.

Barrett’s esophagus test provided for gastroenterologists.

Diagnostic options for OB/GYNs and primary care physicians.

About Us

Experience and innovation you can trust.

A CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory, Pathnostics drives forward patient care with its range of unique and advanced tests focused on infectious disease and cancer diagnostics with a robust offering of histopathology, cytology, and molecular tests.

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