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P-AST™ accounts for bacterial interactions, which impact antibiotic resistance and sensitivity.

Proprietary technology to better address polymicrobial infections

Polymicrobial infections are common

More than half of positive UTI cases are polymicrobial.1

Bacterial interactions in polymicrobial samples can change susceptibility

When there are multiple organisms present, pathogens may respond differently to antibiotics. Sometimes they are more susceptible, other times they are more resistant.2,3 The presence of resistance genes does not necessarily translate into actual antibiotic resistance, and facility-wide antibiograms are not tailored to the specific strains in the individual patient.

Testing on isolates doesn’t account for bacterial interactions.

Standard culture tests susceptibility on individual organisms, which doesn’t reflect the impact of bacterial interactions within a polymicrobial infection. However, testing in a pooled environment, where organisms are grouped together, takes into consideration these bacterial interactions.

P-AST™ is personalized

Our unique Pooled Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
(P-AST™) method evaluates 19 different antibiotics against the pool of organisms in the patient’s urine, providing a personalized result that accounts for bacterial interactions that may change antibiotic resistance within a patient-specific polymicrobial infection.

Tests that

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