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Suffering from UTI symptoms?

Talk to your provider about an advanced UTI test that quickly identifies personalized antibiotic options

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Guidance® UTI features unique technology to provide personalized antibiotic options for infections with multiple organisms. Patients who have been suffering from complicated, persistent, or recurrent UTIs or are at elevated risk from UTI may benefit from the Guidance® UTI test.

Guidance® UTI has been shown to increase detection of UTI-causing bacteria by 43% compared to urine culture.1 Higher sensitivity is more likely to find the organisms causing the UTI.

Guidance® UTI delivers results significantly faster than urine culture. Quicker results allow for more rapid directed treatment.

A comprehensive report includes antibiotic resistance genes and pooled antibiotic susceptibility results, giving your doctor more information to make a treatment decision.

Our promise is to provide accurate and affordable testing for all patients. We support all patients—with or without insurance—by offering interest-free payment plans and patient assistance programs to all who qualify. Our dedicated Patient Advocacy team is here to handle all of your billing inquiries.

Guidance® UTI provides the right diagnosis and specific therapy options for persistent, complicated, and recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) more than twice a year, have been diagnosed with simple or interstitial cystitis, or if you are a man experiencing symptoms of prostatitis, you may benefit from this test.

Guidance® UTI provides better accuracy compared to traditional urine culture and offers personalized antibiotic therapy options for your infection. Guidance UTI detects 33% more organisms than culture and covers the most relevant causes of UTIs with a high degree of sensitivity for a more accurate diagnosis. Treatment options are available in just 48 hours once the sample reaches our lab.

Guidance® UTI is covered by Medicare and multiple insurance plans. Contact your insurance provider for more information on coverage.

Guidance® UTI is covered by Medicare and multiple insurance plans. Contact your insurance provider for more information on coverage.

Respiratory Pathogens

The Respiratory Pathogens test will help your physician determine the appropriate therapy options.

You can call your health care provider who has your test results or contact our Customer Care.

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