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New Study Reveals Pathnostics’ Advanced UTI Test Profoundly Impacts Patient Care

Clinical Results Show Guidance UTI Test Significantly Improves Antibiotic Stewardship and Patient Outcomes

Pathnostics, a leading diagnostic solutions company, announced today the publication of clinical study results showing that its advanced urinary tract infection (UTI) test profoundly impacts patient care. Published in Diagnostics, an international peer-reviewed journal, the new study reveals that the company’s proprietary Guidance® UTI test significantly improves antibiotic stewardship and patient outcomes.

Study Highlights
More than 570 patients seeking treatment for complicated and recurrent UTIs participated in the U.S. study. Patients who were diagnosed using the Guidance® UTI test, which leverages patented technology to yield the highest level of diagnostic specificity, versus patients who were diagnosed based on results from traditional standard urine culture testing demonstrated:

  • substantially reduced use – more than 50% – of empirical therapy, where antibiotics are prescribed before laboratory results are received, which can lead to antibiotic resistance or patient complications
  • significantly improved patient outcomes with approximately 40% reduction in patient hospitalizations, urgent care visits, and emergency room admissions

The study, “Improving Patient Outcomes While Reducing Empirical Treatment with Multiplex-Polymerase-Chain-Reaction/Pooled-Antibiotic-Susceptibility-Testing Assay for Complicated and Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections,” can be viewed in its entirety by visiting the Diagnostics journal website:

David Pauluzzi, CEO, Pathnostics, stated:
“The remarkable improvements in patient care and outcomes revealed in this study are direct and compelling evidence of Guidance® UTI’s clinical value and potential to revolutionize the management of complex UTIs. These results mark another milestone in our mission to make Guidance® UTI the new standard of care for diagnosing and treating patients suffering from complicated, recurrent, or high-risk UTIs.”

Pathnostics’ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mohit Mathur, added:
“The study’s clinical findings highlight the power of the Guidance® UTI test. By providing accurate and comprehensive results faster than today’s standard urine culture test, Guidance® UTI enabled providers to prescribe personalized antibiotic therapy, which resulted in markedly improved patient outcomes.”

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